Jennifer Barrick and Regina Byalkina

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lol @ that email address - they really do respond to emails you know - I know the nice folks who do them.

Karen Holland
Independent Scheduler for Ipsos
agree on Regina, very pleasant and easy to interact with for sure! some of the fastest response time i’ve seen from a scheduler. Karen seems good too and always responds, i just don’t do as much on the shopmetrics side.
Yes! Regina Byalkina and Jennifer Barrick are terrific. Thank you both for your swift, attentive and helpful communications.

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Yes! Jennifer Barrick, Regina Byalkina and Karen H. are the best schedulers on IPSOS. They are dependable, reliable and overall just awesome. I know that if I ever need assistance with a shop they always point me in the right direction & answer emails.
Excellent and POLITE schedulers: Jennifer Barrick, Niki Atkins, Bill Carden all very respectful and responsive!

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