$225 Video Account Opening Bank Shops in Staunton VA and Niagara Falls Ny

Video Mystery Shoppers needed in STAUNTON, VA and NIAGARA FALLS, NY. Shop pays $225.00.

Pinnacle Mystery Shopping is looking for shoppers with hidden video equipment (PV500 preferred) to complete an account opening bank shop that pays $225.00. For this shop, you will open a personal checking account with our client while using hidden video equipment to record the interaction. Opening an account DOES NOT affect your credit. You will simply be opening an account for the purpose of the shop after which you can have it closed or keep it, the choice is up to you.

IF INTERESTED: Please make sure that you are registered with us and have created your shopper profile by going to www.pinnaclemysteryshopping.com and selecting New Shopper Signup from the upper right hand of the page. Once you are registered you can apply for the shop on our job board.

If you have any questions, please e-mail michaela.heaton@pinnstrat.com or call me at 772-410-4146 – I am always happy to help!

Thank you,

Michaela Heaton
Senior Account Manager
Pinnacle Financial Strategies Mystery Shopping

Pinnacle Financial Strategies is a proud member of the MSPA and does not charge any fees to become a Mystery Shopper. You do not need any type of certification to perform these shops. We have been in business for over two decades and have established a great rapport with thousands of mystery shoppers!

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I’ll check the job board, but if those are in Washington State, I’d pick them up...

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