Pizzeria Carry Out Shops

Mmmmmm....PIZZA! Sentry Marketing is currently looking for shoppers to complete a Pizza Carryout shop with specific ordering requirements.

o Evaluate the facility, employees, food and atmosphere in a report with Y/N and short supporting narrative
o Monthly focus question/observation or scenario
o Lunch and dinner scenarios
o Recorded pre-visit phone call
o Photo of food items

o $20 Flat Fee


New Shoppers:

To become a shopper go to admin.sentrymarketing.com and click "Become a Shopper” under the logo. Fill out your profile and narrative, and once you’re approved, you’re ready to start shopping!

Current Shoppers:

To view the available locations in your area go to [admin.sentrymarketing.com] and click on the "Open Opportunities" link on the left of the home page, below the Welcome comment. Adjust the search to find the shops you want.


Chicago IL 60657
Indianapolis IN 46268
Brighton MI 48116
Chelsea MI 48118
Anderson OH 45255
Glendale OH 43614
Montgomery OH 45242


About SMG:
o [www.sentrymarketing.com]

We look forward to working with you!

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