**AVAILABLE** Web App User Testing RESTAURANT SHOPS!! (**many cities/states included)

Hi Shoppers ~
So, here's the deal! Help us work out the kinks in this new app before it is available to the general public. Our client is an app developer who has made an app that people use, for food delivery, and they literally want a bazillion of these performed ASAP. They want us to help them test the app, AND THAT'S WHERE YOU COME IN!! (**City/State list is at the bottom of this posting)

Shop reimburses up to $25 for your food purchase, and you can select from a wide variety of restaurants through the app. If for some reason you can’t order, you get a $5 fee for trying, and for providing screenshots of what went wrong, so the app developer can fix the glitches BEFORE the app is available to the general public. So, it's a win-win!

The survey is short, and it has been estimated that it will take 3-5 minutes to fill out. You do need to have the ability to take screenshots and photos to help the app developer understand what happened during your experience. These shops are all about the app, and not really about the food ~ totally different than traditional mystery shops.

If this is something you can help out with, please make sure you are registered with [mercsystems.shopmetrics.com] and apply for one of these shops ASAP. Next, immediately set up a BRAND NEW Gmail email account to use just for the actual shop (don't change the email on your actual account with us, as these are two completely different things). We need it to be new and I need you to email me with this BRAND NEW email address so I can work to have it whitelisted, which will allow you to have access to the app. If you don't do this or can't do this, it won't work. By the way, each shopper may perform up to 4 of these, as there are 4 different partners we are working with.
If you have any friends or family who can help out, please encourage them to register with us and apply for one of these shops too.

Let's do this!!

Thank you!


Amy Snyder
Mercantile Systems

Right now, these are the cities/states, with more to be added very soon. Some shops are delivery and some are take out, but at this moment, you can actually be assigned to a take out and perform a delivery shop instead (and visa versa). There are 4 schedulers, so please contact the scheduler for your area.

Southern California - amy@summitscheduling.com
Glendale CA
Los Angeles CA
Pasadena CA
San Diego CA
Santa Monica CA

Northern California - nikki@summitscheduling.com
Mountain View CA
Palo Alto CA
Sacramento CA
San Jose CA
Seattle WA

CT, MA, MD, NJ, NY & PA - mercantilekate@gmail.com
Scheduler 3 (KATE)
New Haven CT
Stamford CT
Cambridge MA
Bethesda MD
Jersey City NJ
Brooklyn NY
Staten Island NY
Harrisburg PA

DC, FL, GA, IL & VA - jenniferb@summitscheduling.com
Washington DC
Miami FL
Miami Beach FL
Atlanta GA
Chicago IL
Alexandria VA
Arlington VA


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