$65 Gym Mystery Shop - Take or Observe a Class - Beaverton OR

Hi Shoppers,

Will will need to TAKE or OBSERVE a Daily Ultimate Training Class!

Shopper Payment: $25 + $40 BONUS


Call the location to see how the phone is being answered and inquire about taking a Daily Ultimate Training Class class You MUST attend/observe one of their Daily Ultimate Training Class!
Wear GYM ATTIRE and visit the location and observe the operations and how the location is conducting business.
You are posing as a potential Client who is interested in finding out more information about their gym

Schedule a time to take a Daily Ultimate Training Class that fits your schedule.

Take any and all handouts (including brochures and business cards) while at the location and upload them to the report

Take photos
Gym Timer
Bagt Area
Functional Training Area.

Areas of Observations:

Locations Hours
Location Exterior
Door Mat


17235 NW Corridor CT, Beaverton, OR 97006

If you are interested please copy/paste [www.compliancesolutionsworldwide.com] in your browser and register to be in the database then request the shop you want.

Thank you.

Scheduling on Behalf of Compliance Solutions Worldwide

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