$90 for Oklahoma Panhandle Shop- Quick and Easy Nutrition Shop- Service Evaluation Concepts

I am reaching out to you as a fellow mystery shopper who desperately needs help with this shop Guymon, OK! This shop is so easy! If the location is closed or no longer located at the address, you take the required photos, submit with a ‘’N/A” marked report and get full payment- super easy! Payment is $15 with a $75 bonus!!!

A successfully completed assignment includes:

** Visiting the Nutrition Club during the Club's operating hours;
** Taking a minimum of 3 digital photos of the Club's exterior and location.
** If the Club is open, inquiring about products and services offered at the Club;
** Making note of verbal and posted claims made by the Club Operator;

Visit our website at [www.serviceevaluation.com] and click on ‘Become a Brand Agent’ link to register as a shopper for us then you can sign up for available assignments in your area.

If you have any questions, would like more information, or have any trouble logging in to our system, please feel free to contact us at: jwilliams@serviceevaluation.com or 516-714-0323x3534.

We look forward to working with you!

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