$10.00 Fun Grocery shop for 11/7 only!

Dear Evaluator,

BARE International is scheduling covert price checks to be completed using an app on your Android or Apple Smartphone!

The assignment must be completed November 7th. This project contains approximately 50 grocery items to check.
Special requirements
If assigned, you will need to download an app and complete the price checks via the app. You must have an Android or Apple operating system on your device.
If you have not previously used the app, you will receive a password and instructions to download the app.
This is a weekly shop. If done well, we can put you on the weekly schedule.

If you can complete this assignment on 11/7 and 11/14 please let me know.

ALDIVA-1 - Aldi
1521 Hershberger Rd NW Roanoke, VA 24012

For this location, there are approximately 50 products to price.
Prices are submitted via the Missions app.
No data to enter after checking all the prices, just submit the assignments via the app!
No purchase required
No proof of shop required. Your location will be verified via the app.
Payment of your shop
See posting. All items must be checked to receive payment.

Please indicate that you are willing to download and use the app and what email address you would like to use for the app account.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Interested? Follow this link to apply [baidata.com]


Mindy Alvarez
Resource Manager

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Has anyone done this. There is one offered this week in my area but the pay is considerably higher

Part-time shopper based in Delaware
Has anyone done this shop? There is one offered this week in my area but the pay is considerably higher.

Part-time shopper based in Delaware
I wound up canceling after my 2nd trip to the location when I realized I still had 2 days worth of work left. NOT fun and definitely underpriced. I would only do it again for $400 or more.
Better to be the one to cancel than to have your e-mail ignored and then an automated e-mail letting you know they've removed it from your assignments after you've put in an hour's worth of work!
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