Philadelphia, PA - Comcast/Xfinity Cable mystery shop

Comscore (formerly called Rentrak) is looking for shoppers in the Philadelphia, PA area who have Comcast/Xfinity Cable with an HD enabled cable box and high speed internet. We are not looking for shoppers with any other cable provider at this time.

The monthly compensation is $100.00. We pay by ACH.

If you have any questions please email me at

If you qualify and are interested, or have any questions about the shop, please sign up at and email me with your name, phone number and zip code with "Comcast - Philadelphia" in the subject line.

Thank you,
Marc Peter

Marcus Peter Manager of Digital Compliance | Comscore
t +1 (503) 284-7581 x371 |
7700 NE Ambassador Place, 3rd Floor | Portland, OR 97220 United States

For notification of future shops in your area, please sign up at []

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