$100 travel expenses test center mystery visit Farmington New Mexico

You will be acting as a candidate for an exam in order to assess security standards at a test center. Note that there is no fee for you to pay! This visit is to an Examination Centre, to check that the security standards are being met. You will complete the exam as a genuine entrant, but the exam content and the result are irrelevant to this exercise.
We have clear guidance notes to assist and give a good idea of the environment. The actions that you need to take are genuine ones that test takers attempt, so do not be worried about carrying them out. At the end of the visit there is an easy report to complete, to explain what you did and the staff responses.
Pre-visit there is a training video, and you must pass the short shopper test at the end of it. This is extremely helpful as it guides you through the visit stage by stage, so it is clear what to expect.
The training video and test takes about 30 minutes. For the visit itself, you need to be in the test centre for a minimum of one hour. Please note, you cannot shop the same test center more than once. The fee is $100 US Dollar. Please email info@storecheckers.co.uk if you are interested in taking one of the visits in the locations listed.
Storecheckers are a UK and global Secret Shopper company, we look forward to hearing from you!

Many thanks,

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