We appreciate your interest in doing mystery shops with us, especially in these unprecedented challenging times. DSG Associates, on behalf of its client, has price audit projects at your local grocery store.

We are currently looking for reliable and experienced shoppers who want to take advantage of this opportunity to earn as you shop at your local grocery stores for your essentials.You will only need a smartphone and an hour!

For this round, we will need you to do an audit at a GROCERY STORE on:
LOCATION: Walnut St., Cary, NC 27518 for
NUMBER OF ITEMS: ~ 261 items at $ 0.20 per priced item
DURATION: until store closing hours today, 05/20.

We do understand that there is a medical crisis at the moment, and we are working tirelessly with the Client to provide them data on their business that is considered essential, as well as providing independent contractors opportunities to earn without jeopardizing their personal health and safety.

We are looking forward to work with you soon. Our team of schedulers are available from 8AM to 5PM PST to handle your questions and concerns. Please call us at 800-462-8765 for a faster response or send us an email at shoppersupport@dsgai.com.

Looking forward to work with you!


KENNY KEITH MAGNO | kennym@dsgai.com
800-462-8765 x 114

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