Grocery Store Shops

Has anyone else noticed that the MSC does not want anything other than positive reviews for the grocery store jobs. For example "did they make eye contact" if you do not mark it in the positive they will write you and ask did they really not make eye contact. Often the baggers do not, they are busy bagging groceries and I consider eye contact more than a quick glance up.

If you choose to go to a self check out line instead of traditional because it was too long there is an option to click for that, the MSC will contact you to change it to I was moved by an associate. I went to the other night and there were no traditional lanes open because the cashier called in sick. I made all these notes about it and they told me to change my answer to an associate moved me to the self-checkout lane and then removed my comments about no cashier being in the store. But that is not what happened and I feel like they are not telling the truth to the client. I know it is silly but it bothers me that they don't trust my answers and want me to change them to what they want to see.

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