$35 Purchase & Return Shops in San Francisco & Santa Clara, CA!

Hi Shoppers!

KSS International, Inc. is now scheduling purchase & return shops at a popular retailer!

You will receive a $35 shopper pay for successful completion of this shop!

Our client is interested in evaluating the service level & product knowledge of staff & the professionalism during the purchase and return process.

Scenario assignments are indicated on the yellow sticky note on your assignment. Please check prior to conducting your audit. You will be evaluating staff attire, professionalism, knowledge, as well as layout of products, and organization of the store.

You will be required to purchase an item from the category from which you are assigned (found in yellow sticky note). You should expect to spend anywhere between $300-$800. Keep in mind you will be able to return immediately. You will interact with the staff member, purchase your item, and return it after 30 minutes.

Any day, and during regular business hours.

Special requirements:
Client requires that you purchase the item (as indicated on your specific assignment). You should expect to make a purchase somewhere between $300-$800, and can return it immediately.

Purchase might be:

*Environment Care (Air Purifier, Fan)
*Floor Care (Vacuum Cleaners)
*Personal Care (Styler, Hair Dryer)
*Lighting (Table Light)

An immediate return (about 30 minutes later, but MUST be same-day) will be conducted.

Credit Card refunds will process within 7 business days. Cash will be refunded on the spot.

Proof of shop:

You will be required to upload a photo of the store exterior, your purchase receipt, and your return receipt.

If you are interested in these shops please apply at [www.sassieshop.com] or contact KSSTony@kernscheduling.com

Looking forward to working with you!

Tony Jackson
KSS International, Inc.

Available Locations:

Union Square San Francisco CA 94108
Westfield Valley Fair Santa Clara CA 95050

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