$900 Opportunity- Seeking Shoppers who own a small business

Hello, we are seeking shoppers who own a small business and meet the below requirements, thank you for reading this post.

Shop Description:
**You must be an owner/CFO/Comptroller of a small business to be eligible for this shop.**

On-line business lending shops available that pay $900 for a completed shop that can be done from your home. The client is NOT requiring you to take out a loan and you will just be evaluating the offers you receive. There are some specific requirements that you will need to meet in order to be eligible. We anticipate they will be picked up fairly quick. Therefore, if you are interested, please review the below requirements BEFORE requesting the shop. There will be two lender sites you have to visit, and 4 shops connected to this assignment. These are posted at www.isecretshop.com and you will have to accept the contract for Mystery Shopper Services to view this opportunity.

If you 100% meet all the requirements, please send information confirming all of the above (written confirmation to verify you 100% meet all client requirements), plus a screenshot of your credit score (as well as the specific shop ID# you are interested in) to Theresa@MysteryShopperServices.com and she will get back to you ASAP.

● May live in any state within the Continental U.S. EXCEPT: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nevada.
● Must have a Credit Score of at least 700 FICO {Please use a free credit check site like Credit Karma to confirm your credit score}.
● Must have at least one year time in business.
● Must be either an LLC or Corporation (no sole proprietorships).
● Must have over 50% ownership of the business to be eligible (Preferably 100% ownership, but not required).
● Must have a minimum of $250k in annual gross revenue (not gross income).
● Must not have more than $50k in loans/credit cards.
● Have not opened any new business credit in the last 30-90 days.
● Must not have and bankruptcies within the past 7 years.
● Must have a business checking account, with a minimum average monthly balance in your business account of $3,000.
● Must have basic business info on hand (address, business start year, annual revenue, entity type, Tax ID/EIN, etc) to complete the application.
● Must be willing to submit last 3 months business bank statements in PDF format (Alternatively, you may link your business bank account through Plaid)
● Must be okay with doing upward to 100 plus screenshots that are clear and legible and follow the clients’ objectives of the order and flow.
● Must be willing to have a 15-20 minute conversation with the client via google hangout/phone call once offers received to clarify some aspects of the process.
● Must be willing to track any follow-up communications you receive for 7 days after visiting the required lender sites.

You also CANNOT operate within any of the following industries:

● Adult Entertainment / Materials
● Art Dealers
● Boat Dealers
● Drug Dispensaries
● Electronic Auctions
● Firearms Vendors
● Government & Non-Profits, Public Administration, Civic Organizations
● Horoscope / Fortune Telling
● Lotteries / Casinos / Raffles / Gaming / Gambling
● Mail-Order Houses
● Manufactured (Mobile) Home Dealers
● Money Services Business (MScool smiley
● Motorcycle, ATV, and All Other Motor Vehicle Dealers
● New Car Dealers
● Outdoor Power Equipment Stores
● Recreational Vehicle Dealers
● Rooming and Boarding Houses
● Used Car Dealers

Thank you
Theresa Wilson
Quality Control
Business Evaluation Services
Direct Line: 805-357-9777
Toll Free: 888-300-8292

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