Total Research Solutions

Can anyone tell something about Total Research Solutions? I have done a search on them and I have not found anything. Maybe they go by another name???

Thanks for any help,

Happy Shopping To All,


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They often are referred to simply as TRS. The only shops I have seen from them are signing up for things like, etc. on line. You get to do it once only if I recall correctly and you need the discipline to make sure you cancel your 'membership' promptly or you will find yourself getting nicked subsequently for your "membership". I have never worked with them, though I am signed up, because these are not reasonably paying jobs and feel to me (opinion here!) like an attempt to expand membership on these things rather than evaluating them.
Thanks for your input Flash. That is what I suspected. Definitely not the type of work I am wanting.

Have a great day!

Happy Shopping To All,

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