Small company launching into Italy, need advice to find shoppers!

Hey guys sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I work at a small mystery shopping company (25 employees) and I’m supposed to be finding shoppers in Italy. Mostly Rome Milan Naples and Turin. Is anyone here from those areas and can recommend good local job boards that they use in Italy. Like Craigslist in the US?

Company I work for is called Shiftsmart. Any advice is appreciated thanks!

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There is a job board section of the forum. Bear in mind that most people on this forum are in the US.

@JustForFun haha not yet but we might have to! We are paying for referrals though. For each person referred that completes at least 1 survey we are paying €35 (or your local currency)
@Eric in Tampa Yes sir! Italy and Spain but right now our app is only live in Italy. Hopefully our app is live in Spain soon too
Really bad time to launch anything anywhere, really, travel related or not. I don't think it much matters if it's Italy, other parts of Europe, the US, etc. If it's online stuff it might not be so bad, but any shops that require in-person interactions might be hard to fill for awhile.

@SoCalMama wrote:

Really bad timing to launch anything in Italy!
@shopperfirst I absolutely love Italy. I've thrown my coin in Trevi Fountain, which means that I absolutely have to return to shop locations within the Termini Station mercado area, Via Cavour, Milan, Florence, Modeno, and hopefully Tuscany. Would love to do some online work for you since there is a considerable part of your population that knows multiple languages. Please DM me?

Good luck to you all at this time of quarantine.
@Eric in Tampa sounds good! I visited Italy too a long time ago but hope to go back in the future. I'll message you now!
Yeah it looks like it's getting pretty serious, it could probably turn out to be pretty bad in other countries that we're in like France, Germany and Spain. I'm praying for the people there
Years from now we might realize that it was nothing more than a tempest in a teacup With any luck!
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