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I have a friend that likes sugardale hams. I saw they're on sale so I got one for her. She didn't offer to pay for it and I didn't ask for the money cuz I didn't want to start something. I was quite disappointed that I bought her a ham.. sugardale ham is $2.49 a lb but it was $1.69 a lb. On sale so I paid $17.76 for her ham. What's your opinion?

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I think that I would have called the friend when I saw the price and asked her if she wanted me to pick up one, and that she could pay me when I delivered it.

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Walesmaven's idea is good. When you buy something for someone that you know they like and surprise them, it is a gift. It was really nice of you to think of her, but if she had no chance to say yes or no and you made the purchase decision, why would she pay? And it would have made me uncomfortable not knowing how to respond, and I wouldn't like the surprise. Even if your friend liked the ham and was happy about getting it, she may not have chosen to buy it. If a friend texted me and said "That steak you like is on sale for 99 cents a pound, want some?" I would text back "I'll drive over later and have a look." I might have a freezer full of steak, I might have already exceeded my monthly grocery budget, I might be tired of steak or on a diet, or I might be going out of town this week so I don't want to buy any. Or I might drive over right away and buy all I could. But the difference would be that I made my own purchase decision.
Heather, that was so thoughtful of you. I agree with wales and rofl. Consider it a very nice gift to your friend.

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