Food delivery service........

Has anyone used either grubhub or dinerdash for food delivery? Which do you think is better and why please?

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I used grubhub a couple of times. On delivery instructions I specified "leave at backdoor". Where did they leave it the front door, all they had to do was drive down 20 more feet to the backdoor. I switched to doordash, when the places got listed on their site. No problems, they have left it at backdoor, and they come in the time frame that it shows. Grubhub showed up 15-20 minutes late. Also doordash is cheaper.
It took me all morning yesterday to find out that grubhub is the only one to deliver to the nursing home!!!! Then I had a very very hard time putting in the order. I finally got it done. I hope this works!!!!!! Grubhub does NOT accept gift cards. They say they do but when you go to enter the # they ask for 17 numbers. I never saw a gift card with anything other than 16. I paid for it and now stuck with a $50 Red Lobster card and I have no Red Lobster within 3 hours. hohoho> at least my mother will have a rainbow trout, baked potato with sour cream and butter, green beans and shrimp cocktail. smiling smiley

I will post after she gets her meal and let you know.
The order was delivered at 12:30 pm. I had requested 4 pm. It was ok. She called me and said she got everything ok so I'm happy.
You can't use gift cards for the actual restaurants you order from unless you order directly from there. Grubhub will only accept "Grubhub" gift cards.
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