How to avoid fraud detection

Do you guys have any methods to create multiple accounts for a service without triggering fraud? For an example, I want to simulate being a regular customer using a virtual assistant app. I have asked the same question across multiple accounts to see how each vendor/agent would react. I have gotten flagged and needed verification after that.

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Somehow I have to wonder if this post actually does deal with MS.

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Sounds like someone trying to do multiple shops without forming a legitimate company???

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I understand the question since I work in fraud and risk management. If you're doing this on a repeat basis you're going to get flagged because software is looking to detect anomalies and repeats in various data points.

I cannot think of a single legitimate reason to be doing this in a mystery shopping setting though.

For mystery shopping though, I do keep several different phone numbers and email addresses so that I can repeat calls and interaction with businesses without using the same identifying name and contact information.

What you're asking to do is borderline hacking in my opinion and could be illegal, depending on what you're doing and why you're doing it and how.
probably easiest would be to pay a group of people through or have someone program a bot for you

i do taskes for mturk and they have a huge number of chat bot tests running all the time

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