McDonald's Mariah Menu deals for 12 days of free food.

From USA Today, link at the end.

McDonald's Mariah Menu deals

The freebies will be available at participating locations and each is valid one time per day with a $1 minimum purchase on McDonald's mobile app, excluding tax. More details will be available on the app.

Dec. 13: Big Mac
Dec. 14: McChicken
Dec. 15: Bakery item
Dec. 16: Six-piece Chicken McNuggets
Dec. 17: Cheeseburger
Dec. 18: Hotcakes
Dec. 19: McDouble
Dec. 20: Apple Pie
Dec. 21: Sausage McMuffin with Egg
Dec. 22: Double Cheeseburger
Dec. 23: Sausage Biscuit
Dec. 24: Chocolate Chip Cookies


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According to the app reviews, it seldom works. All the complaints are answered with the same condescending dev replies. So, you might not get those deals. YMMV

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