The debate that defies no forum rules: Why do some people feel drowsy after a now-typical Thanksgiving meal?

This one comes from the History website, and I quote:

"Did you know? Many people report feeling drowsy after eating a Thanksgiving meal. Turkey often gets blamed because it contains tryptophan, an amino acid that can have a somnolent effect. But studies suggest it’s the carbohydrate-rich sides and desserts that allow tryptophan to enter the brain. In other words, eating turkey without the trimmings could prevent that post-Thanksgiving energy lull.

Turkey or no turkey, the first Thanksgiving’s attendees almost certainly got their fill of meat. Winslow wrote that the Wampanoag guests arrived with an offering of five deer. Culinary historians speculate that the deer was roasted on a spit over a smoldering fire and that the colonists might have used some of the venison to whip up a hearty stew."

You see? Mentioning Native and Newbie Americans together need not disrupt the current allegations of racism. It merely prompts us to think in a nutrient-aware way about historical and present-time menus. More information is available at []

and I hope that food, holiday, time, fun, people, and thought meld together for good today and every day.

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I think it's the carb coma. Turkey by itself (think "flaming turkey wings"winking smiley never turned me into a zombie.

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