Walmart grocery delivery. Can they ever fix this?

Last several orders. Missing items, orders never received, orders cancelled, and one entire $163.00 order kept by the "uber eats" driver.
I know they can't find drivers. They need to use instacart or hire their own. Anyone else have this issue? I have started using instacart only. We do not have a car right now, so we rely on grocery delivery.

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I dont get Walmart delivery where I live, but I'm having trouble with Amazon's delivery of produce. Their cucumbers and melons etc. will look beautiful upon arrival, but rot within a day or two. It took me a while to figure out one reason: They keep their produce in a refrigerator so cold that the produce develops internal freezer burn. You cant always see it right away. Its when you slice an eggplant to make ratatouille and the interior has been so badly damaged that it is all mush.
These issues are probably why they are shopped.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
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