Betty White

In case you have not heard by now The great Betty White passed away on New Years Eve. She was 99 years young.

She would have been 100 in about two weeks..

She will be deeply missed..

RIP Betty White

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That gal has SASS !

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I love all her work that spanned decades! Just now, I want St. Olaf stories...

How about the Great Herring War? []

Or, a few others? []

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She & Allen Ludden had a very close marriage of 18 years before he died from stomach cancer in 1981. I still watch Password/Password Plus/Super Password on BUZZR TV, and some of them have Allen as host and Betty as one of the star contestants.
The news feeds on my Android were filled with articles and interviews about her turning 100. She had a great career. She will be missed by all.

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