McDonald's franchisees are worried the company's new grading system will alienate workers

PACE will have "strangers with little-to-no restaurant experience coming in and evaluating and interacting with my staff," this person said. "The issue for me is not the grading, the issue for me is that my workforce is fragile."

*wheezes* guess they wont be able to handle objective issues


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I think all those "Be kind, we're understaffed" signs that cropped up a year or so ago "trained" the employees to think it was acceptable to give crap service and no one would complain. Now that we're out from most of the pandemic madness, customers are not as forgiving of the crap service and the employees haven't figured out customers aren't going to tolerate that crap service anymore. It was like those signs gave the employees permission to be rude and surly and it's so ingrained in them now that they can't (or won't) be nice. A smile and genuine thank you go a long way!
Objective? How can comments here such as "crap service" and "Snowflakes" be considered objective? And then there are customers, such as my hubby, who pounces on employees who are unable to hear him when he puts a hand in front of his mouth when talking at the speaker and other nasty moves that are designed to make employees wrong. Yikes. But this is an interesting situation. Little is known about the PACE program, for which training begins this year.

Personally, I have no issues with McDonald's. The locations I visit always have long lines at the drive-thru. Apparently, they have a consistent customer base. How, exactly, will PACE help these locations that are always busy? If this program worsens my fave locations, I will... will.. well, I will be disheartened.

OTOH, it might have potential to do some good. Will it identify when customers are in the wrong? This would be a welcome addition to the business world.

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@HoomanShopper wrote:

I think all those "Be kind, we're understaffed" signs that cropped up a year or so ago "trained" the employees to think it was acceptable to give crap service and no one would complain

Or it could be that employees figured out that their employers ought not treat them like crap. Employers which pay crap wages, offer crappy benefits, crappy advancement opportunities, require crappy and unfixed hours, treat workers as commodities rather than one of the most important features of any business are likely to reap what they sow.
Never really have much trouble at all the McDonald's I go to. Couple of times early this year they had trouble with keeping the place staffed. But food and orderwise not a problem. I pretty much stick with double cheese burgers though. I hope to get some more restaurant shops. Im out and about regularly because I clean 25 hours a week on top of full time substitute teaching.

shopping north west PA and south west ny
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