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When I lived in Dallas I did focus groups for four different companies. I would come in and get paid to give my opinion on various products along with a group of other people. They paid anywhere from $30 (potato chip tastings) to $300 per study, depending on complexity. And it was also enjoyable "work".

We did taste tests of various foods (snacks, frozen and restaurant menus, even beers), bank products, credit cards, power tools, electric toothbrushes and pretty much anything you could think of.

If you are in Dallas, two of them were at LBJ and the tollway. One was in Lincoln Center and one just north of the Galleria on the tollway frontage road. If I recall, one was in Carrolton and one was in Plano.

Here's the one I can remember off hand, P&K Research in Plano. They are headquartered out of White Plains, NY.


"Four company-owned research centers in key US regions: Chicago, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles"

They did a lot of chips/nachos/pretzels/frozen foods since Pepsico/Frito Lay is just around the corner from them.

I'll try to think of the others which have more locations nationwide.

Anyone else do focus groups?

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Found one of those in Dallas on the tollway, Focus Group by Schlesinger. They also have online stuff for considerable money ($50).

Just realized I got an e-mail from the Carrollton location in Dallas on Tuesday.

AIMS is currently enrolling in an Asthma study.
Qualified participants will receive up to $975 and medication.

Eligible participants must be:
12 - 55 years old

Market Research Dallas
972-666-0710 /
Market Research Dallas / PO BOX 112663 Carrollton TX 75011
I do online focus groups regarding politics. That's relevant for where I live.

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Sign up for the USDA (Beltsville) nutrition studies!

@eyelove2shop wrote:

I've signed up to do research studies at NIH but haven't actually done one yet.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
I'm signed up with two companies in my area, and have done several studies for one of them. The latest was a strange one. During Covid times I was paid to smell samples of cat litter and rate them. Did that one twice (I'm assuming they couldn't find enough people willing to come into their office).

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I have one scheduled online next week for a relatively early evening hour. The subject is financial investments.
Just finished one this morning where I got to test drive six luxury vehicles, three electric three gas. Was paid $250. Was called back for round two which is another $250. If I get called back for round 3, it's another $300.
I just tried out for five online surveys. I did not qualify for any of them. This has happened to me at other survey websites that offer points that translate into stuff on their website or money that can be used for whatever they are promoting. I think I am beyond the reach of marketers. Even though many survey disclaimers state that no one is trying to sell me anything, they do not want me because I have little to do with whatever is behind the questionnaires. It's okay. (I also live far away from large cities/significant markets.)

Nonetheless, I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to apply for the surveys. They might end up with something they want or need.

@wrosie wrote:

Found one of those in Dallas on the tollway, Focus Group by Schlesinger. They also have online stuff for considerable money ($50).


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I've done them! I used to do P&K research in Chicago but moved out of the area so its not even worth the gas. There's another company that used to be in a few different malls - I think its called Quick Test or C&C market research, they would sometimes call me in for stuff or you could stop at their office in the mall and see if they had anything. They'd sometimes do taste tests, movie screenings, perfume sampling, all kinds of stuff.
I currently do taste tests and product testing for Matriz Sciences (formerly Contract Testing) here in Toronto. I am lucky one of their testing facilities is a quick bus ride away. Sometimes they also have focus groups for the same products. I have also done some online interviews for a couple of research groups. Don't recall the names at the moment. For one they walked me through a housing survey, for Statistics Canada, and I answered the questions and commented on my comfort level answering the questions, the readability of the questions, etc. I wish some MSC would do this same thing with some of their surveys and guidelines.

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