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I stopped by Goodwill and picked up some random items after browsing the store. The cashier gave me the color of the week discount just because. Thank goodness I was not on a shop!

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Yep, good thing it wasn't a shop. The last shop I did for a specific region (I can still do other regions, but not the one closest to me), I had several items and asked that they put them into a bag that was underneath the items on the counter. One I was planning on buying, not one I'd brought in with me. Anyway, I didn't get charged for the bag (probably just a couple dollars, but it's been so long ago, I don't remember) and didn't realize it until I got home and was preparing to upload the receipt. I mentioned in the report that I hadn't been charged for the bag and now I'm no longer allowed to shop any of the locations in that region. If I hadn't been banned from the shops, I would have gone back and paid for the bag. I still shop there occasionally, but I didn't go back for over two years. I still refuse to donate to any GW stores in that region because it was NOT my fault I didn't get charged for the bag. I do not know if the cashier was coached on this incident, if she was fired, or if the whole incident was just ignored, but I do know that I was punished for being honest in the report. The MSC is always offering bonuses to go to a couple of the farther away locations, so it's costing them (the MSC) more money to get another shopper and they're (GW) losing out on the value of all the items I would have donated. But, hey, they showed me...honestly does NOT always pay.
Hmm. On a non-shop, a cashier took one look at the CD collection which clearly had the store's price tag on it and announced, "You cannot have this!" Hubby had found a disc collection of one of the Beatles albums. It may or may not have had resale or other value (not a fan here). Hubby loves the Beatles' music and that is enough. Had it been re-shelved after a previous customer bought and forgot to take it with them? Thus, was it on some kind of watch list? Did the cashier want it? We will never know.... On another non-shop, a silk scarf was dramatically lifted from my pile of items at the register. I was told in a tone halfway between menace and sneer, "You can't have this!" Really? ????? Why the unprintable not?!

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i stopped by the local salvation army and picked up some nice shiny chrome wheels for $30. got an online place offering $100 and will pay shipping but im gonna try to sell on ebay where they are going for $200 each.

shopping north west PA and south west ny
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