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I have roku express and I have Peacock. I want to watch Yellowstone and Love Island but can't find a phone number. There is a free trial but I already have Peacock on my roku so technically I am not a new customer. I turned it on roku cuz I could but haven't watched anything yet.
Does anyone subscribe to Peacock and can I watch Love Island and Yellowstone for $4.99 a month?!

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I signed up for peacock TV... It's only $4.99 and I dropped my phone with spectrum and don't pay for my internet.... I want to watch Yellowstone... I'm a huge Kevin Costner fan!!!! I want to see Love Island too. Sarah Hyland won't come to close to Arielle Vandenberg. She's just plain absolutely outstanding beautiful. ????

See if you can install an app called "Cinema" with a logo like a yellow ticket. You should be able to search for and watch Yellowstone, however not the same day it airs. Usually a day or two later.

Well did a quick search and found this:

Unfortunately, Roku's store doesn't feature the Cinema HD app. You can't download and install it directly on your Roku device. However, not all is lost yet. Instead of Roku, you'll have to install the app on an Android device and cast it to Roku.
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