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Someone posted about shadows hopper on this forum or on volition forum that it was a very good company. So I went and applied for them. But after I looked through their website it looked like it wasn't legit. I went and looked it up on mspa website it wasn't even there. I keep on getting these weird emails about offers and how I can make so much money at home. So I deactivated my account. Did anyone sign up for them are they legit??

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Shadow Shopper is a referral service. They do not actually produce, schedule, edit or pay for any shops. They offer a free trial membership but a credit card is required and if you do not cancel your membership well before the trial membership ends, you are likely to get charged a non-refundable membership fee.

Be aware that there are a lot of scams out there using the Shadow Shopper name as well.
Here is my experience with Shadow Shopper.

I was a newbie and had one company recruiting me by email. I got interested and wanted more. Shadow Shopper emailed me. I forgot what they were offering for others but it was free for Bronze Membership. So I signed up. They dangled the shops available only for Silver and Gold members in my face. When they offered it for a ridiculously cheap rate, I bit and became a Gold member. I cancelled before the month was over but by then, I was signed up by a number of Canadian companies. US companies were emailing me as well.

So, though my policy was never to pay to get a shop, I did spend I think $1.99 or $2.99. Had this Forum been around, I would not have any need for Shadow Shopper.

Some schedulers will carry your contact info so you will get new shops as they move around.
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