My first shop for Ann Michaels & Associates

I just completed my first shop for Ann Michaels. It was for a specialty sporting goods store. The instructions and guidelines were very clear. The shop was very enjoyable. In fact, I was actually sold on the product outlined in my scenario. The shop input only took 15 minutes with a reasonable amount of narration. The shopper fee was generous for the type of shop and my reibursement gave me a nice discount on the items I need to purchase, anyway. Website says payment by the 15th of next month. Pretty fair!

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I have only done one shop for them in all the years I have been signed up with them because they really don't have shops in my area. That one could not be performed as required because of a miscommunication from the client. Not a terribly big deal. I did go back and do it once it was adjusted to fit and was paid a little extra for it. I would work for them again and I don't remember there being any issues with payment, though it has been a few years ago.
They were listed as one of the MSC's with no discussions. I signed up with them sort of blindly. I'm glad I had a good experience. Now...I hope the payment comes on time.
IMHO, the can have PITA reports, scenarios, etc. On the other hand the several shops from the beginning of my career were great learning experiences. The pay on time, isn't that the best part!

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I do shops for them all the time. Your reports can be long and need to be very detailed. some reports can take up to 1 1/2 hours to complete on line. Take that into consideration when you look at the pay. If they say name or discription, be sure to give both. I get paid on time.
You will probably be paid on time. I did one shop for them - a restaurant with reimbursement only and a total PITA. While the restaurant was one I was wanting to try and I liked it, never again. The reimbursement was not worth the hassle. The restaurant frequently publishes 2 for 1 coupons and I've been back a couple of times on my own dime but won't do the shop again.
I am by no means a pro at mystery shopping. I have completed over 70 shops so far. I got more challenges for this sporting goods shop then I have for ALL of the 69 other shops I have performed COMBINED. I got 4 e-mails with requests for clarification. I know that at least one of their challenges was addressed in my narrative as I commented that my sales person was also my cashier for the small purchase. In fact, his name, which I used throughout the narrative, was on the receipt. Oh well, live and learn. Maybe the client is picky or the editors have higher standards than all of those other MSC's. I was happy to provide the additional information, however.
Yeah, the first one I did for them, I had to make several additions to the narrative. They are very picky.
I did a shop (one shop for them. And, OMG, the amount of clarification and detail they wanted...answers to questions that were NOT mentioned in the guidelines or asked in the report. OMG OMG OMG. BUT. I lost the receipt and they accepted the itemization from my bank account, which they did not have to do. So, the jury is out.
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They have airport shops I fly in and out of regularly and I am often able to do them. They are simple shops and pay well (enough). I always can get a book to read for the plane and a few fun gifts at the other airport shops. I don't know their payment schedule exactly but I always get paid from them and it sure seems regular.

I used to do shops for them regularly and enjoyed them. I moved and they don't have any in my area now.
I shop for them regularly at the airport. They expect names (even if clerks do not wear name tags) or your report will be rejected. They expect detailed and long narratives, so expect to spend 45 min. to 1-1/2 hr. for the report. I take them whenever I could depending on rotation. My favorite? Last month's "crystal" shop with high reimbursement.

Edited to add: No problem with payments.

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