Share MSPs for Food, Restaurant, Grocery in (DC, MD, VA)


I've had my best luck with ACL, Marketforce, and Second-to-none. We can't name the clients, but they have ample shops for 1-3 clients each in almost every city. But 3 Months in, and I'm getting bored with the offerings (and running out!). Not even making or reimbursing $500/month.

Signed up for several new ones recently, based on the job boards (Volition/MSPA) and every time I searched for a food shop and signed up for the company, it turned out to be a lie. Didn't even have jobs within 100 miles of me. Nothing posted. These were Bestmark, Service Sense, Allstar customer service, About Face, retail eyes.

So I would like to ask anyone in DMV to share a few companies that are active here!

I've been trying to google/search for this, but you can't google something this sparse. Also failed: KSS scheduling companies (Sallie). Anyone out there know which ones have the most job posts in the food category?


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Unless you are signed up with 100+ companies you may not be playing in a big enough arena to find what you want. Are you looking for groceries, fast food, fast casual or fine dining? Do you want fees or are you up to doing reimbursement only shops?

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Yes I am looking for any of those (food related) shops, even a $5 donut shop with $5 reimbursement is fun for me, but otherwise $50 shopping minimum like purchase return. I've been doing a major sandwich shop, burger shop, and two major grocery stores frequently. Also some random but high-end food shops here and there.

It looks like Goodwin associates was a big one I missed for this region. Would you suggest any others?

How do you track open opportunities when most schedulers email their lists everything (not just food shops)? This would make sorting through even 20 of these a total mess.
What do you mean by a $50 shopping minimum purchase return?

For me keeping track is easy since as soon as I see restaurant or reimbursement only in the subject line it gets deleted, LOL!

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Honestly there are over 200 MSCs and the best advice is just to sign up with all of them. Clients switch companies all the time so just because there are no jobs in your area at the time there could be down the road. You have to realize that the people that are aware of the jobs in your area are not going to be forthcoming about which companies they work for because you are their competition and might take jobs from them. Having to deal with misguided e-mails is just part of the industry, eventually you will learn which e-mails to delete right away and which ones are worth a second look.

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