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raregold Wrote:
> Got my pay today, eight days after completing the
> assigned shop! Amazing!

Anthony, this is a forum for mystery shoppers, not a job board. Did you by any chance receive a check in the mail or something like that? If so, it is a scam. You should not cash the check or deposit it in your account. It is fraudulent and there is no assignment.

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Hi, Anthony, welcome to the forum. We are a group of mystery shoppers who share experiences about mystery shopping. We are not companies and we will not hire you to complete assignments. There are a lot of companies you can sign up with. See the link below and sign up with as many as you can. The companies require that you sign up on their online website, provide your personal information and SS# and sign a confidentiality agreement. Then if you are accepted, you will be able to search the job board to find assignments in your area that you can apply for. If you are assigned a job, your instructions will tell you when you can start and how to complete the assignment.

Good luck! Have fun!
CSE pay via Paypal twcie per month for shops reported right up til the pay day, as long as thhey have been reviewed.

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If only I can convince my wife to let me go 'fore' one of their shops again. They paid me really quick last year when I did one 'fore' them.
I agree they are the best! I have never had a problem getting paid. Just make sure to address every question in your narrative.
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