Service Sleuth - October?

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Aren't they a 90 day payout? Their website is good for XX month being paid out in 90 day x month.
They are one of the slowest around, I'd say you have another month of waiting.

Live consciously....
If September was pay in November, as I was paid and is stated on their website, I assumed October would be paid in December. Just trying to keep an eye on some of my slower paying companies.
The last shop I did for Service Sleuth was in July 5th & 11th and I got paid in Nov. 25th about 75 days. That was what I have.
Just updated on their website.

Shops completed in October 2011 will be paid on January 7th, 2012.
Well, my shops in September were paid late November. But if October's will be paid in January, I guess I won't get any payment for November and December, 2011 assignments until February and March, 2012 or later. Yes, they are slow.
Just got it now...I had asked recently and was told usually 90 days or less---depends on if the clients pays faster or not. PP just in a few hours ago.
This post is about SS and Kern. I scheduled a job I got an email from through kern for Service Sleuth. I then lost my companion and the instructions said it is for two. I wrote Kern and told him I am alone, if that's o.k. I'll still do it. He replied promptly the job is for one (lunch), I said I read the instructions to be for two. Long story short, he checked and wrote back,
yes it is for two. Schedulers do not know instructions, always check for yourself. I am unable to reschedule due to not having a friend available, had I listened to the scheduler at kern, I would have driven miles, and had the job not accepted.....always check first, you know more than some schedulers.

Live consciously....
Yes, that is very true, not only with regard to Sleuth. Some scheduler aim to just get somebody do the assignment, so it would be taken off their list. Best to read the instructions carefully, no matter what.

I really don't know about Kern as I get my assignment from the website nomatter who emails me. I have learned my lesson from accepting jobs by phone call or email without checking the website first. Time is money.
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