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Could not find anything on Beyond Hello MSC. I did a search...nothing. Anybody know anything about them?

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Good company. They have a lot of retail purchase and return shops, if you don't mind them.

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Wow. There used to be a ton on here about Beyond Hello! I searched, too... Odd.

Yes, generally speaking, a good reputable company. They're widely know for one vision oriented shop, but they have other retail, too, the majority of which are P/R, but not all. Depending upon your area, they may have a beverage or food shop.
I think the threads are still around, but there might not be anything within the last 30 to 90 days.

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I work for them (many years), I love them, have done many different shops thru the years, from their amazing coffee shop to an upscale boutique to vision (non-purchase), never had a problem, sign up......

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I just LOVE you guys!
Thanks so much for the links from all of you and the info. I have signed up and applied for a high end retail P/R...Will see how I like it, hopefully their reports won't take me till Valentine's Day to fill out! Gotta laugh, I am finding this is one huge learning curve.
I was saved from the affectionately called "shop from hell" by all of you wonderful fellow secret agents and I thank you.

Have a great day!
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