good companies to work for!!!

I would like to get some names for good companies to work for. I am a new shopper, and I do not know much about the business. Can someone help?

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A Cut Above
Business Evaluation Services
Certified Reports, Inc. (CRI)
Corporate Research International (CORI)
Second to None
Service Evaluation Concepts
Ann Michaels
aTH Power
Bank Atlantic
Bare Associates
Beyond Hello
California Marketing Specialists
Corporate Risk Solutions
Customer Service Experts
Expert Shopping Professionals
Franchise Compliance
Harris Teeter
Hilli Dunlap
JM Ridgeway
Market Trends Pacific
Marketing Endeavors
Mercantile Systems
Mercantile Systems & Surveys
Mysery Shoppers Inc.
Mystique Shopper
Nationwide Services Group, INC.
Phantom Shoppers
Professional Review
Quinn Marketing
Restaurant Evaluators
Secret Shopping Services
Service Alliance
Service Check
Service Excellence
Service Excellence 2
Service Performance
SG Marketing Group
TNS Intersearch
Zellman Group
Thank you Suzanne. I shop for a number of these companies and have always been paid on time with no hassle. I always to go the Better Business Bureau website to see if there are complaints against a company.
I agree always go to the bbb site/
Best mark:
Tell them Trish from NJ Sent you
I recently signed up for, and was told I would need to submit $99.00 for services. I did their on-line training and submitted two unpaid assignments. I have for weeks tried to contact the company by e-mail. I am constantly told I will be getting a phone call or e-mail. Nothing is ever done to assist me, or contact me in any way. I am out $99.00??? I am very discouraged with the whole idea!!!! I really have no idea how to proceed at this point.
Best Mark (they do phone evaluations as well as on site)
Maritz (you get to talk to a REAL person)
CRI (although they don't pay very well, they do pay regularly) try and combine with another shop, either do 2 for them or some other company
GAPbusters, but off radar right now for me with them not doing Radio Shack
Second to None (If you like Starbucks)
Trend Soruce (business verifications pay the best)
GFK (if you like free gas) they also don't pay very good, but most evaluations are "check the box" not detailed info like CRI
I try and do shops as I do my errands. Somedays I do 4 or 5, somedays none, it just depends on Location,location,location!
I started out in this business the same way, being ripped off by MysteryShopLink. I accepted my losses and was determined to get my money back, although not from them. I registered with almost a 100 companies, for free, through I have been shopping for over a year now and I earned almost $10,000 last year. This business is extremely time consuming in the beginning but it gets easier and easier. My advise is to warn others about them and go do the work you expected them to do for you so your money won't be a total loss.
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