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Yes, they are fine. No grief from them. Just be aware that their pay cycle is 3 months and payment usually is just a few days short of the full 3.
I second what Flash says. If you read any comments on this forum about them, the common theme is they are slow to pay. A job I did on Dec 1 was paid on Feb 21. Their editors, however, sometimes leave comments that make you shake your head. I have never had an issue with them paying me.
Solid company with decent jobs, many oil changes as well. Pay is slow, but
you know you will be paid.

Live consciously....
The editors can be a little picky, but otherwise a great company.

And I love the variety - For them I've done movie theaters, package mailings, restaurants, conv. stores, retail stores, and most recently just some pictures of a closed sub shop.
Echoing here regarding slow payment. Sleuth=Slothsmiling smiley They are most pleased with more narrative, rather than less.

I have had no problems with SS.
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