THey don't answer e-mails--they don't pay they say I have not sent in documentation to work in the US--I am a naturalized citizen-----don't bother with them.

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Trendsource/MSI recently changed their policy to where all shoppers had to have an Employer ID number (EIN) registered with them, rather than just a social security number as is the case with most companies that employ independent contractors.

As for the other issues, please search the forum. You'll find that they are a mixed bag when it comes to communication, but are one of the fastest and most reliable paying companies in the industry.
I just did two jobs for them, asked a question and was emailed an answer in a couple days, uploading receipt was no problem, they pay on the 5th and 20th like clockwork. They no longer accept Soc.Sec., you neeed to get an EIN# and send them your W-9 form, or you can't work for them. My only problem (which is now solved) was receipt being to light. Being a citizen isn't enough.....

Live consciously....
What do you meean being a citizen is not enough? I am not a citizen and I have a EIN. I had a hard time uploading my W9, but it finally did upload after 4 days. I just did a job for them and did not get paid because my receipt would not upload. So I emailed it to them and they did not upload it for me.
I had so much trouble getting my receipts and photos to fit their specs that i stopped working for them for that reason alone. I found i would spend at least an hour on each job just trying to get it to fit their parameters. I don't want to take the time and have to use a special program to resize and this is the only company I have ever had this issue with. Every other company I just scan and attach and it works every time.
Sandyf, you know I'm no photo tech, but my Nikon takes the perfect size, and when I flash receipt, it comes out dark enough, of course, it took me months to figure this out, now that I've got it right, I must continue working for them.

Live consciously....
The upside is their payments are some of the fastest in the business.

The down side is their photo requirements make me very nervous about doing their shops. Ive taken 1000's of pictures for 100's of shops without problem for other companies.
What is the trick to get receipts and photos to upload. I have a Kodak Easy Share and never had any problems with other companies. I always copy, zoom and increase the sharpness of any receipts and business cards I upload and heve never had a problem with other companies. Their server will not upload anything I scan. I would like to work for them but I am not able to upload to them. There tech department did not help me at all. What browsers do you use for this company?
I use any browser with no trouble. Are your pictures too large? That's the only time I've had trouble uploading anything.
The first thing I sent was a W9 then I sent a copy of my drivers license. These were two separate uploads. Neither one would up load.
OK, since I had been dragging my feet about getting my W-9 submitted, I did it just now. I happened to be using Google Chrome at the time. I submitted a 1.3 mb jpg of my W-9 and had absolutely no trouble doing so. At the bottom of the upload window, I could see the percentage uploaded steadily advancing...
Sandyf...I never trimmed my receipts to fit their specs. I just made sure they were not too large. There's never been a problem.
You should be able to 'hover' over the scan title in your list of documents and see the size/type. As for TrendSource's requirements, they can vary by client. They have a very useful resource of Support/History.
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