Another merge on the horizon. Sounds like a win/win situation. Love both MSPs!

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Will we know have bananas in our hero sandwiches?

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 06/28/2008 05:28PM by sneakers.
Bananas? I get restaurants and gas and pet food. But a peanut butter and banana sandwich is one of my favorites!
Oh them. They were shopped by a whole different MSP here I think. But they had age requirements so I paid no attention to them 'cause I was already too geriatric. smiling smiley
When that store chain began, they really did have practical cotton khaki outfits based on what you would wear in hot jungles, thus the name. Really comfortable stuff, great for a cotton-lover like me. Don't know what they carry now, but the original concept is gone.

Let's try another go at the original joke: Oh, now we'll have bananas in our hero sandwiches!
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