Market Viewpoint Mystery Shopping Teleconference (FREE?)

I just received this email from Market Viewpoint. Has anyone heard of Market Viewpoint (not to be confused with MarketView)? Here is a copy of the email:

Hi Shoppers!

Want to learn more about being a great mystery shopper? We want to share with you information about a FREE teleconference being offered by our colleague, Angela Megasko, CEO of Market Viewpoint, LLC.

Each month Angela hosts a teleconference for mystery shoppers. These are opportunities for you to learn tips and tools on what is needed to be a 5 Star shopper. She has covered such topics as:

Writing skills

How to make more money with mystery shopping & associated businesses

Watching out for scammers

Time Management

Every other month, Angela offers a 30 minute open discussion teleconference. Shoppers can call in with questions, live on the call. Read on for information about this month’s open forum!

We encourage you to participate and learn all you can about this industry. Improving your lives, and the customer service of our client companies is what this business is all about!

No April Fooling Here!

Just the Facts!

Angela Characiture


Thursday April 12, 2012 at 7:00PM EDT
Add to my calendar


No fooling our shoppers - Jane Bond has the FACTS to share with you in April!

It's time for another FREE mystery shopping teleconference, providing you with the information you need most to be a successful mystery shopper!

Join us on April 12th at 7:00PM EDT April 12th at 7:00PM EDT - that's 6PM Central, 5PM Mountain, and 4PM Pacific - where you will have the opportunity to ask and have answered YOUR mystery shopping questions in this open Q&A forum.

I will take calls for you to ask your questions live, take questions submitted via the web at the teleconference page, and you can even email me in advance and I will address those as well, time permitting. After you sign up, you will be provided with the phone number and web link! Make sure to save it!

Participation is requested, but not required.. If you simply want to listen in, that is fine, too! There is always something to learn and everyone is welcome.

Get more information

Register Now!

I can't make it

I am so excited to connect with all of you at these sessions! We've had some great questions these last few months, and those who have participated tell us they've gained so much.

We want to provide our mystery shoppers with the "inside edge" into not only the way Market Viewpoint operates and what we look for in our star mystery shoppers, but also into the mystery shopping industry as a whole. We believe that knowledge is power, and we want you to be the best mystery shopper and person that you can be!

Sign up now for this FREE teleconference and I can't wait to "meet" you!



Angela Megasko

Market Viewpoint, LLC


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Your the second person that's posted about a similar e-mail. Hmmm.

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I have received three a day, and also from SQM telling us to tune in to becone a better shopper, same email.....what's that about?

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I signed up for the webinar today. It is free and I plan to tune in and see what it is all about smiling smiley

Register here: []
I work for this company. They are based in Pennsylvania and do mostly Apartment Leasing Agent targeted Shops. They are reputable, will work with you if you have problems reaching the target and pay on time. Angela is the owner and has monthly conferences on techniques and motivational stuff.

As long as you communicate with them, they will work with you. It took me 4 days to contact the correct target and they were okay with it because I kept them informed of dates and times I attempted contact.
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