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I've been doing several IntelliShop shops the last two months, mostly because they seem to have a lot of work in my area. The narratives are kind of a PITA, but I'm getting used to them. My reports have been scoring eights to tens, with a nine average. All of a sudden today I got a six, and the editor/proofreader's remarks were curious and a little upsetting.

So, since I'm a relatively new mystery shopper (I've been at it about two months), what, if anything do I do? Grin and bear it? Write to a scheduler? It just kind of makes me frustrated. I haven't all of a sudden become sloppy or anything. Since most of the shops i do for this company are the same, my scores should be about the same. But now that six is really bothering me.

Any and all advice welcomed.

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You can just ask why you got a lower rating or just grin and bear it. The Editor maybe having a bad day. Happens...
What exactly was said? I've done several shops for them as well and did two in a row. On one I got a 9, one a 10. The editor on the 9 report didn't like the fact that I talked about what did not happen which I found odd since they usually want you to explain all nos.
It took me a long time to realize this, but ratings generally don't mean squat and it is not worth your time to worry over this. Unless it is really affecting your ability to get more work, move on. Intellishop does this and that is why I only work for them if it pays well and is close.
I deactivated my account with Intellishop. Yeah, ratings shouldn't matter, what matters is that you get paid...however, I pride myself on my work and my accuracy, so when Intellishop is the only one to give me 7s and 8s I said enough is enough. Their pay wasn't worth the stress it caused me.
I manage to get 9s and 10s with Intelli-shop. They have very flexible schedulers who have worked to help me find shops to fit my schedule. The proof readers make some good comments. The only one that I found unclear this past month, caused me to send a short note to the scheduler. That person added some data and all was clear.

They may not pay quickly, but they always pay and pay correctly.
I used to get hung up on my ratings. If I get a low one, I will write and ask for more details. Like other posters have said, if it doesn't affect you getting shops, oh well!
I am puzzled with Intell lately myself. I had ratings of 10/10 and it was that way for 2 days. Then today I look and all the sudden my ratings are 8's and 9's and one shop was even not paid for. They said I answered a question wrong there was only one right answer. It was for a phone call it was only 5.00 bucks and I did 5 of them and only one was wrong. Not sure what happened there but Ok. I have never had any shops not paid for until today in all the time I have been doing shops.
Good enough is good enough. If you can still get work, your rating is good enough. They're going to pay you, right? That's where the big grade happens. You can send a cordial inquiry email, but you may never find out.

Mary Davis Nowell. Based close to Fort Worth. Shopping Interstate 20 east and west, Interstate 35 north and south.
I had one 8 and I asked. The scheduler blamed the proofreader and told me not to worry about it. She herself did not understand.
Eric in Tampa Wrote:
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> If I had four hands, I would give @cynb four
> thumbs up for that post!

4 thumbs the best ever! Yeah to be redundant, if you are going to deactivate that is fine, but you are just doing your self a disservice. Please be aware that editors and schedulers are all different and they don't know you personally. They are just doing thir jobs. Worrying about your score will only raise your blood pressure and they do not care. There about 400 MSCs out there. Move ON.
I'm with cynb. Let it go. The sun will still rise again tomorrow.

Plenty of MSCs and plenty of schedulers that will give a shop to someone with any score when they are desperate.
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