Intelli-Shop... I love you

Dear Intelli-shop,

I may be a little new to the game (about 1 year and a half under my belt), but I absolutely love you. Your schedulers are amazing to work with, you always get back to me in a timely manner, and if I screw up but can explain myself, you always give me another shot.


The girl who loves truck stop shower comparisions

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Sorry, just ranting... sort of. I had a bad day today with another MSC and a bad day a few weeks ago and I realized all I ever do on this forum is complain. But I guess I was kind of complaining about the pay, too. But good news for everyone, I just realized that they are now paying on the 20th of the next month instead of 2 or 3 months out. YAY!
I did two dealerships because they said they will pay those shops the following month, which was good news, they usually take forever.

Live consciously....
So glad I read this. I used to do their shops on a regular basis but quit once I got tired of their slow pay time frame. I guess it is time to give it another shop, I mean, shot! smiling smiley
I think that they just changed their pay cycle just recently. Instead of the usual 90 days, I do believe that they went to between 30-60. 60, of course, being the expected. I received my payment from them a few days ago, like clockwork.
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