Just got an unsolicited email from TNS. Not signed up with them, so dont know why, but I gather they do revealed gas audits whatever that means, but what other kind of mystery shops do they do ?

Thanks in advance.

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Primarily what I see are the gas station reveals (which I love and wish there were many many more of) and timeshares around the country.
Hmmm, revealed gas? I've heard of "turning the air blue" but does it come in other colors as well?

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They have a nice grocery client in So Cal, but the rules of the shop recently became to much of a PITA to make it worthwhile for me.
I never hear from them even tho they are right here They do alot of survey stuff.

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After a couple of years of not doing their grocery shop, I took one the other day because the scheduler was desperate to get it done and I was in the area. The shop was easier than I remember from before because one of the components that use to be done, was no longer there. That component was what stopped me from doing them. They paid on time, but I just did this one so I have no idea how their pay schedule is now. They use to have dog food shops that I would do, but I haven't seen them in quite awhile.

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I have done their grocery stores this last couple of years and find them to be very easy and straight forward. Their instructions are clear and so is the report. Excellent company to work for. My only wish would be for automatic payment to paypal or account.
I do their reveal gas stations which I like. They don't take long since you don't have to have photos of every pump. Unfortunately, they usually only allow me to do two at a time, even when the others I request are right in the same area. They do pay by check via snail mail, but they pay on time.
TNS is TNSsmiling smiley There is a link to more discussions under the original post.

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They used to do timeshares as well as the grocery stores here, but haven't worked for them in awhile.

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They still do timeshares.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
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