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I did a search and didn't see them, so I apologize if this is a duplicate post.

Anyone have any feedback on these guys? I applied for a shop on 5/25 and it hasn't been approved or declined yet. Just wondering if this is another Helion type deal where you never actually get approved, it just sits there for all of eternity. Also, they post a price range for the shops, the low end are pretty blah, the high end or ok but not great. Just wondering what's up with the range thing.

One last question. They've got a reveal shop posted with the price range thing. It says you have to buy a particular item. It doesn't say anything about reimbursement. Anyone know if they cover the purchase and then have a fee on top of it? THe pay is kinda low, but it's right across the street at work. I don't actually eat the food, but I'm willing to buy it and give it to the people begging on the street corner. I get paid, they get food, it's win win right?

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If the shop you are asking about is a revealed shop, I generally don't do them. Just don't like them for the most part. Also though, if you do a reveal, you can't then shop the client, unrevealed.
I love Trendsource and they go by MSI for direct deposits to your bank account. They are excellent to work for and at times they have good shops. Right now it's all pizza and ff reveal in my area.

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I love Trendsource. They also do Business Verifications and those are easy and interesting. You have to be certified by the company and then you're all set. They have a quick turn around for pay and a schedule. They pay twice a month and always right on schedule. Both the schedulers and the editors that I have worked with have been pleasant and helpful. I don't do the fast food or reveal shops, I just don't like those.
I did the reveal, and yes, upload your receipt and you'll be reimbursed for your chilidog...but, don't eat it....smiling smiley

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MSI/Trendsource is a good firm, though I find them to be meticulous to the point of obtuseness in regards to reporting. Unless you answer a question in a short, explicitly declarative sentence, you'll often get a request for clarification. Maybe the problem's just the way I write, though. They pay promptly, and their Medicare sales shops in the fall pay well.
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