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Hey everyone,

Anyone signed up with this company.I have heard good / bad things about this caompany, anyone that uses them,is it really worth it for the money ? I'd like to hear from some of the forum members.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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Shadow Shopper was the first site I signed up at when I discovered Mystery Shopping. That was my main source of finding jobs/new companies.

Once I was signed up with most of the companies who advertise work on Shadow Shopper I didn't feel a need to pay to stay on the site.

"It's not THE way, it's just A way"
It was easier just to sign up for the companies directly rather than paying a company to tell me what jobs were available.
Shadow Shopper is not a Mystery Shopping company, they just inform you about job openings. You can sign up with multiple companies and find the jobs yourself. I don't believe in paying money to find jobs.
I did the free month trial just so I could find out what MSCs are registered with them and register myself. I think they want $25/mo and it's not worth it IMHO.

I DO pay $3/mo for jobslinger - it's ever so easy to have all the Sassie ones in their "Sass Master" list and with one click I can view their job board, and I get email notifications.

I have a little system for checking the non-Sass Master boards every other day.
plmccut Wrote:
> cgruning - Do you think paying the $3/mo. for
> Jobslinger is worth it?

I know you didn't ask me, but I don't think it is...they have a lot of the "jobs" nobody wants, hence that's why they have them...
I totally think JobDinger is worth the money.

Sometimes, you will hear new jobs ding, and they get taken right away. I've been getting some well paying shops ($75, $40) that I would have missed without it.

Although, there is a lot of repetition of jobs you don't want, the few that you DO want make it worth it.
Shadow Shopper was a headhunter back in the day. I started with them, they sent me jobs only in my area, and I took
everything and learned. I even got my Silver Certification through them for 15.00. They have changed, I don't use them
anymore, but think they are a good stepping stone.

Live consciously....
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