Web Mystery Shoppers Inc

I am looking for feedback for Web Mystery Shoppers Inc.

I have received a shop offer from them. My concern is that it appears they want to install a program on my computer to capture what I am looking at/doing when I am on the web site being shopped.

This makes me very nervous as I have no way of knowing if the program is only what they say it, or if I might be allowing much, much more. I was unable to open their terms of use, and when I called their 1-800 number all I got was a recording to email them with questions/concerns.

Has anyone had dealings with this company? Thanks.

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i dont do it with this company but i do it with google where they record everything I do in their google chrome web browser. Since I don't use it as my primary browser, it's fine with me. Every so often they send me a gift card via email for allowing them to do their research.

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