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I've done three shops for them. I was paid for the first two, the third isn't due yet. I can't remmeber for sure, but I think they are on a 60 day schedule. I could be wrong though. I do remember though, that when I did get the money, I couldn't remember what I had shopped. I had to look it up.
I work for them, yes, they pay on time...I haven't taken the audit yet, I feel the pay not enough for the work reqired, and they are a bit fussy.

Live consciously....
If you are talking about the shoe audit no. This is not a reasonable scenario, as far as I am concerned They pay one time.
I did 3 of the shoe audits and they were quite simple. They only took about 20 minutes each plus the return and the data entry took only about 10 minutes each. I got a 10 on the first two. The other one I went around and around with the editor on because she just wasn't understanding what I was saying and she kept asking me to clarify and then twisting what I was saying. I ended up with a 7 on that shop because of the editor. Oh well.
Glad to know they went well (2 out of 3)...guess I'll sign for a couple.

Live consciously....
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