I have been receiving numerous emails that they need a shop done asap. However, when I do apply for a shop, perform the shop, and submit the report asap, it sits in completed status for over one week. As of now, shops that I completed over one week ago and completed the survey are still showing as complete. I don't understand why the reports have not been reviewed. And yes, I did contact the scheduler to let him know, but I have not heard back from him.

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Some times it takes a while for them to review it. I think they stay in complete status until the client accepts the report and it gets set to be paid. You may want to try e-mailing the scheduler that sent you the emails.
Are they reports that have a 3-day follow-up requirement? I've done the new car and a couple others that have a follow-up period where the salesperson is to contact you.
This is the case with several MSCs. Some review very quickly. Others do not. On the Sassie system, you can see whether a shop has been reviewed. On the Prophet system, you will not be able to tell. Eventually, they always get around to reviewing. I wouldn't worry about it.
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