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I signed up for a shop that I've done many times in the past. Super easy shop (no, really!) with simple report. Today, I'm about to leave for the shop and want to get a look at the guidelines and report before I go. When I tried to access the report, I'm told I must take a quiz. Uh, ok. I start the quiz and get the first 3 answers wrong, out of 8. Crap! I don't have time for this - I'm ready to leave!

15 minutes later, I've read materials ad nauseam and still can't pass. What the heck! I know I'm blonde and all, but really? Can't pass a simple quiz for a shop I've done before? I feel like an idiot. I know I'm trying to rush it because I didn't expect that I would have to invest 1/2 hour to "learn" how perform an assignment I've done before. For $13US, it's more time than I'm willing to spend once I factor in other costs like gas, time to get to the location and more time to fill out the report. Knowing Bare as I do, they'll also likely have follow-up questions.

So, I asked to have the shop removed. After all this hassle, I'm simply no longer interested in performing the assignment. First time in my entire (10+ years) shopping career I've "flaked".

Has anyone else ever had issues with these "pop quizzes"?

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Oh yeah, and it is always just like that. I'm on my way out for a job I've performed countless times. I had to call Second to None from the road one morning and I began the conversation with, "I'm on my way to a shop that I am apparently too stupid to complete." We discussed the quiz and it ended up being an oddly worded question. I got home, passed and reported. The funniest part, the rep wasn't even there that morning.

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For future reference: my experience is that schedulers will work with you on this b/c they want the shop submitted. You can usually do the shop and then come home and do the quiz and ask for help.
Hey! Us natural blondes have to stick together! LOL smiling smiley I have never had any issue with not passing a quiz/test, until the "sub" one (not BARE). For the life of me, I COULD NOT pass it. I even printed out my answers prior to submitting (right clicking) to compare with the guidelines and I still couldn't figure it out.

Figure I'd try again in about 6 months....couple more to go.

Since the subject at hand is BARE, let me say Jeffrey is terrific!
Thanks for the replies. I guess my heart wasn't in it or I was trying too hard to rush through it. I understand that I could have done the shop and taken the quiz after but what if I'd still failed? I'd have done a shop for nothing.

The scheduler cancelled the shop and I'm ok with that. I've had issues with Bare in the past and was secretly relieved that the shop was gone.

sojo, I don't think the quizzes are new. I haven't done a shop for Bare in over 2 years and must have forgotten that I had that extra hoop to jump through before performing the shop. Now I know. smiling smiley
I have shopped for Bare, and other MSPs who, after years of shops and reports, require a quiz. I have emailed the scheduler, and asked 'if I need to quiz, ok, but is it really necessary'?

So far, so good.
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