Beyond Hello??

Has anyone done work for this company? I noticed they are on Jacob's list and I also got their name from a member on here. However, when I did a search for the past year nothing came back. I always do some good research on a company before I just give them my ss. So I thought I would turn to my fellow shoppers to see what you had to say:-). Also, can someone please give me the 411 on the rules regarding naming a company on the boards? I am not sure what they are, hehe!

Thanks in advance!!

Happy Shopping To All,


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They're great to work for. Not a large variety of shops in my area, but their fees are slightly above average, and they pay on time. I highly recommend them.

The 411: MSPs can be named and clients can be named. They just can't be named in conjunction with each other smiling smiley In other words, you can't say you did a Sears shop for Flash Mystery Shopping. You'd have to XXX either the client or the msp.

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TY for the 411 on the rules and the company. I thought they sounded like a good company from what I had been able to find in other places and on the BBB.

Have a great day!

Happy Shopping To All,

I've done a few things for them and they are great to work for and pay pretty fast. And I have always been paid what I was promised.
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