Really, Intellishop...?

I recently did a shop at a sporting goods store. The guy showed me the different brands of this item that they had in stock, let me look and test them and then took off quickly, telling me if I had any other questions to find someone. He did not try to sell me anything and he locked the case back up so I couldn't even look on my own if I'd wanted to. I had points taken off because I didn't raise a specific objection...was I supposed to chase the guy down the hallway, telling him "WAIT! I have an objection to make!" He could have cared less if he sold me something or not! Ahhh....vent over :-)

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It's funny the discrepanies between what the company expects of the employees and what the employees actually do on the job.
On wait Intelli will ask you that exact question
why did you not flag him down to ask him... trust me that question will arrive in your email shortly.
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