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I was manually deactivated, but do not know why. I am able to log in and access my profile, job board, and log but that is it. I have never done a shop for them though. Has anyone shopped for them, or even have a contact email address for them?

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Did you print, sign, and [snail] mail your agreement? My account was deactivated until I did so.

P.O. Box 159
Mandan, ND 58554
Toll Free: (800) 570-4497
Just so you know, this company folded up last December. I never did do any shops with them because they either offered reimbursement or they paid a fee but not a reimbursement. And the pizza offers they had. If you took one of them, when you uploaded the report, you would get a coupon in the mail later on for a free pizza. No money involved at all.
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