Intellishop constant emails

I just signed up with them yesterday and was able to pick up two shops.
But today I've received at least 5 different emails about the same shop that they need done. I don't mind one a day.
I don't want to turn off emails in case I miss a shop. Do they always do this?

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In a word: YES! Their cheapo fast food shops - the ones they advertise as "FREE" food - usually go quickly because they are easy shops but there are some locations nobody wants because they are so far out, and, of course, the shops don't pay enough to make anybody want to drive very far to them. To get rid of the dog shops, THREE Intellishop schedulers have been sending about 4 e-mails a day EACH advertising them. This has been going on pretty much since they rolled out this fast food project. WA-A-A-A-Y TOO MUCH. VERY annoying. It's almost enough to make me turn off e-mail notification.
Same up here in my neck of the woods. The email postings for one of their fast food projects are generated by multiple schedulers from IntelliShop frequently throughout the day. These are not profitable assignments. The fee is very nominal, but they are very easy to complete. What's odd about this project is that different locations have different rotation requirements, varying from 30 to 90 days. Occasionally the rotation is waived entirely. I've only seen the assignments for this fast food chain bonused for one round shortly after IntelliShop started handling this client.

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Their fast food emails are ridiculous. I don't need every scheduler to email me five emails a day to tell me there is a shop available. Especially since I won't consider doing them until they are significantly bonused.
IntelliShop is not the only one out there sending out scads of emails for the same project. What is hilarious, though, is watching the descriptions of the assignments evolve and change - sometimes hourly. Dontcha just wish you could reply with the sound of crickets? smiling smiley

"Between stimulus and response, there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom."
~Viktor Frankl

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I do their shops once the bonuses kick in, plus gas money if they're remote from me. I have a very lucrative route coming up this week with three of their bonused shops. But I agree, the emails are a bit much. If I didn't want it an hour ago for $5 why would I climb all over it now for $5?

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My biggest gripe with their emails is the one that simply says, "Available Shop!". Um, DUH. It's particularly one scheduler. I don't even read her emails anymore, just delete.
I do two of the same very detailed shops, and one can't be submitted for 3 weeks waiting to see if retailer emails back.....
well, I send it in after 10 days (sorry, shame on me). My score is a 6 for having to contact me, and "they" say there were
spelling errors. I read and re-read my report, I am telling you, I corrected everything (no spellcheck), so, yes they contacted me twice, should I really get a 6......I am beyond disgust for them, but, they don't seem mind sending out emails when they need you.....this two shall pass!! Ho ho ho!!

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I got dinged on a report with Intellishop too. I was corresponding with the scheduler about POV I needed for a shop and how she wanted me to proceed. So it wasn't uploaded yet. The editor contacted me about it and because of that she gave me a 8.
sad smiley
I get so sick of the emails from Intelli-shop. The fast food shop is terrible to do because the food is awful!
I don't mind the multiple emails so much, it's the ones I get for restaurants out in California when I live on the east coast that drive me insane...Intellishop is not the culprit of this, however. I get them from lots of companies. I'd rather delete an email for a shop I'm not interested in than to not be notified of a shop I would be.

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If you don't want emails, you can go to your profile on their website and opt out of the emails. You can always check the job board for what may be available in your area.

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